Girl begs for S*x at Nalikka Hostel Drink up-Kikoni

On Wednesday in Kikoni, the area around the hostels of Waveney, Masaku, dream world, Akwata Empola and Biira were suffering from sound pollution. All because a bunch of hippies where blasting away on Chinese woofers (you know how loud they can be, a mile plus) at the Nalikka mixed hostel in a single roomed.

At 7pm, it was supposed to be a quiet place as the room that is near the reading place on the last floor of Nalikka Hostel was being used for fellowship at that time but the liquor seizure these groupies were suffering from wasn’t loosening the grip it had swathed around them anytime soon, so they went on anyway, to stoke the night’s booze and let in a cluster of girls and because well, girls are on demand on drink-ups, anybody dressed skimpily is welcomed with such balminess as the hugs and pecks will come in handy just to give the girls a feeling of importance.

But unless you aren’t a campus-bee, we all know that the plans that are and will forever be engraved on a drink-up organizer’s mind are to get the girls drunk and so silly (if you know what I mean)as to do anything the boys will ask them to do. And like the culture has it, they let in a horde of girls from different hostels and faculties but little did they know that some of the girls they let in harbored evil thoughts and plans.

This was so bloody a drink-up that even when Moyes, the new Manchester United Coach was losing to his former team Everton, the drones who were supposed to be watching soccer in the T.V room were less bothered and just when the ecstasy prevailing in the room was at its peak, a sound that depicted commotion was heard down stairs.
It evoked an immense panic and the drones and bees at the shindig ran out to watch what was happening and in the process, a stampede almost happened but they got there anyway. Only to witness an immoral queen bee only identified as Irene screaming on top of her voice a guy’s name (Ken) And we all know that it’s only under `the influence of alcohol and weed that most people voice their feelings so she was asking Kenny to go and f*ck her. “I have always had a crush on him, he is so handsome and he has to f*ck me today because I know he likes me too, I won’t sleep till he does it” she bellowed.

By now, a good number of students from the neighboring hostels, Masaku, dream world and Waveney et al had gathered around Naliika Hostel to catch a glimpse of the ruckus. A one Sharif led a team of drones to look for Kenny who by this time was busking neon thighs somewhere on the Nalikka Hostel room building.

When they found Kenny, they told him how he was just about to get lucky. He hurriedly went to confirm if this was true, accompanied by a ninja commonly known as Hajji Kafumisi, (a name he got for shagging many girls). Kenny rushed to the scene, he started soothing her and just when she was increasing her voice in utterance to the same vulgar words (asking Kenny to sleep with her), Kenny silenced everyone when he alleged, in a low tone that he was going to give the girl the ‘ting’.

He then led her to her room amidst ululations from the crowd, he was already a celebrity of sorts and the girl who had now buried her face in his chest was seen sheepishly smiling, like a hyena that had successfully fooled its prey.

They immediately decided to lock the room. This compelled the on-lookers to squeeze many packets of condoms through the bottom of the door. The girl however continued screaming “Kenny f*ck me now, I want you to f*ck me”.

The rackus took place for a full hour and as a crowd of students, a mixture of those from the drink-up and the innocent ones were still talking about the incident in the hostel corridors, the girls were attacked by Shafic and his friends demanding sex. “Kenny bamuwadeko, namwe mutuweeko” (meaning Kenny was given some, give us some too)

Shafic later told the campus-bee snoop that Kenny had a secret crush on Irene, the drama queen bee but had never gotten the audacity to express his feelings for her and when Shafic told her, he realized she also felt the same way except she got extra high and spilled the beans in an nasty way, This girl just made our Friday.


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