Campus Escapades: How I Banged Miss Makerere University Unknowingly

By Rogthat Sinatra 


The last two years of campus I lived in a house in Kikoni with five pals. We were neighbours with a house of 6 girls and we became pretty good friends with them mostly out of proximity and convenience. On any weekend night when there wasn’t a good party or bar to go to we’d usually hang out at one of the two houses and goof around. One of the girls happened to be Erina, a former Miss Makerere University contestant. One such boring Saturday 6 of us (3 guys and 3 girls) were hanging out at our house at 2 in the morning drinking and goofing around.

All our other housemates were in relationships and enjoying the benefits of calling it an early night because you’re not afraid of missing out on anything because you’re already getting laid so who cares. The night looked like it might end any minute when Becca suggested truth or dare. Becca was as tiny as her ass was huge. She was the most overtly s3xual girl I had ever met and was well aware the power her oozing of s3xuality on others. She loved to make the hair on your neck stand still with a well-placed s3xual comment.

We all groaned and made comments about it being so primary school but I think we all secretly loved the suggestion. We had played games of truth or dare before and usually it fizzed out because people would pick boring truth too many times or someone was dared to do something they didn’t want to so everyone gets bored and abandons it. But we were all very drunk and feeling adventurous. A note on our relationship with one another: none of us had hooked up with any of each other. We all had plenty of hookups (some more than others) but never between houses.

In positive that any of us guys would have slept with any of them if they had ever expressed an interest, but I have a hunch that they had all made some pact to not sleep with us so that things didn’t get weird between any two people and everyone’s Weekend plans gets ruined. The first few rounds of truth or dare started out predictably boring. Everyone picked boring truths.

The questions were s3xual and juicy but we had pretty much heard all each other’s dirty laundry at that point. It looked like truth or dare was going to fade and maybe we’d all end up going to bed one by one. So when Anna asked me to pick truth or dare I decided to be bold. I picked dare. “Hmm” she said. “I dare you to get completely naked” I was annoyed. Anna had a reputation for being a huge bitch. She was the sort of sheltered entitled rich girl who’s only skill was adding casually racist comments and toxic gossip to a conversation. Everyone has one redeeming quality and hers was remarkably large and nice breasts. She was otherwise plain with a slightly too big nose and a freshman 15 she never quite kicked to the curb.

But a large pair of nice tits goes a long way in campus so all the guys out up with her. I was positive that she had only given me the dare to punish me for being bold enough to choose dare when everyone else picked truth. I don’t think she expected me to accept and I don’t think she particularly wanted me to either. If she did it would just be so that she could hold it over me that she had seen me naked and make jokes about my package being small (regardless of actual size) any time she needed a comeback.

But I really didn’t want the game to end. I had been having a disappointing string of weekends. Every night started with endless possibilities and ended with the same possibility: the possibility of me eating a pizza shirtless at three in the morning as i pass out. I was on a dry spell of both s3x and adventure. I didn’t want another night to add to the streak. “Tired of using your imagination, huh?” I teased. She rolled her eyes. I took off my shirt. Everyone starting whooping and hollering including Erin.

Here is the part where I admit that I was totally in love with Erin. She had incredible big blue eyes and a smile warm enough to microwave a frozen burrito. She was always laughing and smiling and making every room she entered more positive and fun. We both happened to be Midwesterners and she brought a special down to earth charm and friendliness that felt so absent in our north east campus. She also happened to be the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I was smitten but falling in love with her wasn’t exactly an original idea; someone falls in love with her just about every room she enters, and I didn’t want to be the creepy friend that doesn’t get that she just wants to be friends so I never said anything. But her cheering me on have me the boost I needed to continue.

I took my pants off and was standing in my boxers. Everyone was going crazy. “Yeah chuck! Yiu crazy bastard” Steve said. Randy was so drunk he wasn’t really speaking in coherent syllables but he was showing his support as well. I could feel the girls checking me out. I wasn’t ripped but I was fit. I had wrestled and played football in high school but was probably a little too skinny for both. I had a semblance of a six pack. I’m a quarter Italian so I have 1/4th of a hairy chest.

Enough to look manly but not enough to be robin Willian’s back. Becca gave me a sultry look and said “well what are you waiting for. Let’s see the prize goods.” I did a little bit of a strip tease pretending to pull my boxers off and then finally did, covering my dick and balls with my hand the entire time. Everyone whooped and hollered some more. “Oh my god. I can’t believe you’re actually naked” Anna said. “What’s this hand doing there, chuck” Becca said. “We want to see your CO*K” Becca was pretty drunk but she also probably would have said the same thing sober. “right, Erin?” Erin blushed. “Yeah, let’s see it Chuck!!” The thought of Erin wanting to see my co*k made me excited.

I didn’t have a full on erection but my penis was definitely awake and a suitable size for showing. Becca was wrestling my arm away from my crotch and finally I relented. “Fine you animals.” I lifted my hands up as if I was a criminal surrendering to the police. My co*k was out in the open for everyone to see. I could feel everyone looking at it, even the guys. There’s something unbelievably s3xy and vulnerable to me to have a bunch of people checking you out completely naked. I was getting turned on knowing that these three female friends of mine were checking me out. I’m about 7 inches fully erect but I was only supporting a semi so it was probably about 5 and a half or 6 there. It’s fairly thick too but not enough to look like a beer can. “I’m not going to lie, I’m impressed.

Nice dick, chuck” Becca said. “I’ve seen bigger” Anna said. Erin just blushed. I put my clothes back on and asked Becca to pick truth or dare. “Ok I’ll be brave too. I pick dare.” I was thrilled she picked dare. I needed to keep the momentum going. The last thing I wanted was the game to end after my stint and then the only thing that happened that night was that everyone had seen my co*k. “That was so fun I want to share the love. Your turn to get naked.” “You can’t use the same dare twice” she said “Says who?” “John truthordare, the inventor of the game” she slurred. “I think you’re just scared” I said. I was getting desperate. “Hey i already saw you naked, I’m happy callin it a night here.” My worst fears realized. “But… This is fun so I’ll strip down to my birthday suit if Stece and randy do too” “SURE” randy drunkenly proclaimed.

Randy was a drunken people pleaser, the kind that will drunkenly eat a Brillo pad of you asked him to. “No way” Steve said. “That’s a 3 for 1 deal. You will have seen all of us naked for just one of you. I’ll get naked if Anna and Erin get naked too. “I’m down” Erin giggled. My dick throbbed in my pants with excitement. “NO WAY” Anna said. I could strangle her. “Not going to happen”. It would be easy (and true to call her a killjoy but I had a sense it was more than that.

I think she was self conscious about getting naked next to Erin and Becca. They were two of the hottest girls on campus and Anna was an average at best looking girl with a pair of above average boobs. So as much as it pained me I complimented her. “aww but you’re so hot” She rolled her eyes. “Fine but no one pulling any funny business. I’m only stripping down after everyone else.” It worked!! I would get to see Erin naked. “Okay chuck” Becca said ” you start. We’ve all seen your co*k already.” I took off my clothes again, this time as fast as I could. “It grew” Erin giggled. It was true it had gotten a little harder from the excitement. Next randy Steve Erin and Becca took off everything but bras and underwear.

“I can’t believe this is really happening” Anna said. Neither could I. Becca went over to erin and they undid each other’s tops, making a show of it for us guys. Beccas breasts were things of beauty. Perky, round and firm b cups that only a 20 year old girl could have. Perfect for sucking. But I wouldn’t notice them for another 5 minutes because I couldn’t take my eyes away from Erin’s magnificent tits. They were the best tits I had ever seen. C’s that looked enormous on her small frame, with s3xy little nipples that were hard even though it wasn’t even remotely cold in the room. I wanted to bury my face in them. My co*k was hard enough to drill a hole in the ground that came out on the other end in China. The girls took notice.

“Holy shit” the 5 foot Becca said. “You’re gonna poke my eye out.” Erin just looked at it and smiled. It made me so unbekiebably horny. “Ok boys time to stop the drawers” Becca said and she pulled both their boxers down before they had a chance to do it themselves. I won’t lie, I looked. I’vs never wanted to see my friends co*ks, as I’m only interested in women, but I was a little curious when they were out in the open, mostly to see how I stacked up. Randy had huge balls and probably a slightly below average sized co*k. His balls were pretty hairy. Steve had the biggest dick I had ever seen including porn. No one measured him or anything but if I had to guess it was probably around 40000 miles long.

The thing was huge. I had heard rumors and people joked about it now and then but I figured they were rumors he had started. It looked like he had a baseball bat between his legs. Beccas jaw dropped. She looked like a kid in a candy store. And for the first time she was speechless. I wanted to immediately clothe my non-Giant’s dick in shame but I noticed Erin was still looking at me and not Steve’s monster dong. I wanted to fu3k her so badly I thought my penis would explode. The girls took off their panties. Becca was completely shaven and her legendary ass looked even better naked. Erin was bare except for a small neatly groomed patch of pubic hair above her poosy that I found incredibly s3xy. It took everything I had to not just start playing with my co*k at the sight of it. I was so horny I was losing my mind. Anna kept her word and got naked too.

Reluctantly I will admit that her beasts looked fantastic. I would gladly hate motorboat or titty fu3k them. We all stood completely naked staring at each other silent. I didn’t know what we expected would happen once we all got naked but we all just kind of stood there awkwardly waiting for something to happen.”Now what,” Steve said. His monster dong was erect and even bigger, staring me down menacingly. “Well, whatever it is you three will be ready” Becca said pointing at our hardons. “It’s so weird seeing your friends with boners” Anna said. It was a dumb comment but I found her dumb comments much easier to tolerate when I could look at her rack as she said them. Becca walked over to each of us and flicked our boners down so they would bounce up. Erin giggled and blushed. ” I’ve always wanted to do that” Becca said.

It was just a flick but the touch of beccas hand made me even Hornier. As well as knowing that all three girls were staring at my bouncing hard on. “Let’s play a game.” Becca said. You have to close your eyes and someone will touch you. You have to guess who it is. Chuck you’re first” I didn’t know what to expect but I closed my eyes. Moments later I felt a hand wrapped around my co*k. It felt agonizingly good. Small hands, so obviously and thankfully it was one of the girls. Anna would never do that so it had to be Becca or Erin. Erin was much shier than Becca so I figured it was her. Which would be incredible, Becca was smoking hot, but j had badly wanted it to be Erin. I opened my eyes. Erin was standing next to me completely naked with her hand firmly around my co*k. “Hi” she smiled. It was unbelievably s3xy.

Even with the other things that happened that night and the couple years that happened since this is still the image that I always think about. When I’m in the shower or in bed or not in the mood for s3x just yet but need to get hard in a hurry I’ll think of being in that room with three beautiful naked girls while the most beautiful girl I had ever seen grabs my rock hard co*k with a smile that just slayed me. I get unbelievably hard and horny every time just thinking about it. I was so happy I was convinced I had actually died. I froze and short circuited ( no that’s not a metaphor for prematurely cumming.) I so badly didn’t want her to take her hand off my throbbing member. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” she whispered into my ear. I could die right there.

I put my arms around her hips and kissed her as I brought her closer to me. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” I replied. She brought herself closer to Me. My hard co*k was rubbing up against her soft skin. My co*k was on fire with pleasure. Everyone was staring at us but I didn’t care. “Well as long as we’re grabbing co*ks” Becca said “come over here big boy.” She motioned at Steve. He walked near to her and she stated to put her tiny hands around his massive member. She then started sucking it. She was a total pro and it was a thing of beauty to withhold. “I am in total awe of your co*k” she said In one of the moments it wasn’t in her mouth.

I want that thing inside me or I’ll die trying. It was hot watching this but also a little awkward watching my buddy with a surprisingly big dick get a blow Job from an incredibly horny hot chick who also happens to be my friend. Plus I had a raging hard on and an intense desire to fu3k Erin. While Becca and Steve fooled around I grabbed Erin and kissed her again. She kissed back and grabbed my co*k. I brought my hand to her poosy. It was unbelievably wet. It was a huge turn on.”I want you inside of me so bad” she said. Didn’t need to ask me twice. I three her on the couch and spread her legs open.

I slowly put my impossibly hard co*k into her wet and incredibly tight poosy. It was the best feeling j had ever had. I kept thrusting as she moaned and begged for more. I think at this point Becca and Steve were already fu3king and Randy and Anna were fooling around by default but all I could concentrate on was Erins incredibly tight poosy and how good it felt. I was about to come so I pulled out and we changed positions. Her tits were perfect, her wet poosy was perfect her ass was perfect, everything eas perfect.

She pushed me to the couch and got on top of me, slowly allowing me inside of her. She rode me like I had never been ridden moaning the most s3xy moans You have ever heard. I could tell that this was the position that she relied on to cum because she knew exactly what she was doing. She came and Now I could finally allow myself to release my monster load. We changed positions one last time and j quickly pulled out and came on her tits. It was intensely satisfying. Later that night we showered and fu3ked again. When i woke up the next afternoon. had the horrible realization that maybe this was all a wet dream but I looked into my bed and saw a still naked Erin. She smiled and kissed me. It was the perfect weekend.


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