AVENGER: UCU Babe’s Nud3 Photos Leaked By Kyambogo Ex-Boyfriend [Photos]

By @RogthatSinatra via @campuseyeug

In a way of avenging for her cheating, a Kyambogo University dude has leaked the nud3 photos of his ex girlfriend from UCU.

The dude only known as Dennis shared the pics on a Whatsapp group and thereafter confessed that it was a mistake.

The UCU chic is one of the bummiest we have encountered this year. However we can’t share all the pics for the sake of the chic. We leave the rest to your imagination.

Due to the Anti Porn Law You wont see the real eish here

Avenger 1.jpgbabe 2.jpgrevenge-2.jpgrevenge-1.jpg

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