“Faculties only post correct results says” MUBS DEAN

Barely days after Makerere University Business School released the final academic results that caused panic at the Nakawa based university, more drama has ensued after students that had previously confirmed their stand on performance have been hit with more terrifying news that their results are missing and some have been changed.

Reports coming in the beehive indicate that some students are crying foul play by the university after their marks changed from what they had earlier seen.

“Our marks have been changed, when I checked on Tuesday I had an 80% but now I have checked again and I have a 52%”, a student complained to this website.

Students who had already told their parents about the good news are still in utter shock about the sudden changes in marks and are making all the necessary measures to come to terms with this fracas.

In yet another twist, the E-learning platform where students can ably view their results is down and inaccessible which has also aroused even more panic.

The Mubs Portal website directory for My grades is now unavailable


However, he clarified that Students who can’t access their results at the moment might have outstanding obligations to clear. “Only changes that occur on results are update of the record to include results previously not there”, Mr Simon told this website.

When asked about the alleged sudden change in marks, Mr Simon refuted the claims saying “Faculties only upload correct results.”

We shall keep you updated on this story.

via campusBEE

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