3 days into voting people already Biased about the out come of Miss Mubs

Can’t buy me votes: Namuswe Brenda is wrong about rigging a Beauty contest

The fight for the throne has become massive today as one of the  constants couldn’t take it not being on the lead and decide to take quick measures.1.jpeg

1.2k likes come on with just a few comments, thats how far contestant number 15 has grown enormously. Blame it to the poor voting system used. Her actions though doubted to have been a work of an anonymous Fan of hers “as claimed by one of hers” has triggered anger among the other contestants which has led to several complaints including ones belowauto-1

Well no doubt thanks to the App developers cause it was way to easy to get her all the way up by just a few clicks. The bad thing the developer didn’t mention that likes will be foreign there you go.evidence

Lets just wait for the outcome as they revise this sytem.


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