What is the Mannequin Challenge? Plus, the best ones on the Internet

The Mannequin Challenge is the standing still craze that has taken social media by storm. but it’s nothing like the Ice Bucket one. It’s called the Mannequin Challenge. It’s not a contest for a noble cause, and there are no winners and losers. But these “challenges” are everywhere, and everyone – from Hillary Clinton to Paul McCartney and even Beyonce – is doing them. Here’s what you need to know.

The Mannequin Challenge is a short video that shows people standing completely still for about a minute. Somebody films the whole scene, winding a camera through the area and sometimes showing up-close shots of the motionless, mannequin-like people.

Where did the Mannequin Challenge originate?

According to several reports, this internet sensation all started with this video from Twitter user @pvrity___. It shows a group of high school friends from Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida.

As to why it’s happening now – that answer is unclear.

There are no official rules to the Mannequin Challenge – except, of course, everyone in the frame should be still.

Presumably, each video challenge should be unique. You can use background music, or you can make the video completely silent. You can film outside, or you can shoot inside somewhere. You can film one person, or you can capture a group of people. Rae Sremmurd’s video showed many concert goers completely still while the song “Black Beatles” served as a musical backdrop.

One challenge-taker may call out another person, prompting that person to post a video, but that’s not mandatory. And once you do create a video, you can post it anywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever.

Here are some of the best examples we’ve found on the web.

In Public Prank


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