What does the resume of someone who got an internship or a full time job at Facebook, Dropbox or Quora look like?

Stephanie Ho, Software Engineer at Quora

This is the resume I submitted to Google when I received my internship offer from them which also doesn’t look that different from my resume when I got full time offers.


As you can see, I had no high profile companies on my resume but I was pretty active. Looking at work experience, you can see that I had some relevant roles over summer breaks and during the school years:

  • When I had absolutely no relevant work experience, I participated in my school’s tutoring program where students help fellow students in programming assignments.
  • I got my first programming position working at my school’s psychology lab which turned out to be super valuable for me.
  • The summer after, I applied to companies like Google for the first time, but I applied pretty late in the process when companies had less incentive to speak to me. I didn’t get any opportunities to interview with them, but if I applied earlier like a better student would have, then maybe that summer would have turned out differently. Instead I got an internship at ViaSat which was meh but still a learning experience.

My meh experience at ViaSat encouraged me to apply to companies a lot sooner. I was applying during the end of my ViaSat internship around early September and even got a summer internship offer from Box before school started (best feeling for the first day of class). Google took a bit more time and got back to me around mid-October to schedule an interview.

I would imagine that the combination of 1) my jobs and projects on my resume, 2) early timing, and 3) having competing offers helped me catch someone’s eye at Google. But that’s the thing— your resume is only good for getting your foot in the door. After that it’s up to you in your technical interviews to actually land an offer.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the resume and just make sure it’s organized and a good reflection of the work you’ve done. Even if no high profile company contacts you this time, there will always be valuable opportunities elsewhere.


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