Simple C# console application to display words

            Console.WriteLine("Group name:{0}", "Elite");

            Console.WriteLine("Group Members");
            Console.WriteLine("1.{0}", "Niringiye Rogers:     15/U/18530/PS");
            Console.WriteLine("2.{0}", "Ngwero Emma:          15/U/18503/PS");
            Console.WriteLine("3.{0}", "Ahuura Daphne Hannah: 15/U/14321/PS");
            Console.WriteLine("4.{0}", "Nsagga Grace Nicholas:15/U/18571/PS");
            Console.WriteLine("5.{0}", "Rugarwana Senier:     15/U/18961/EVE");

the result is below

You may add color of your choice , check post about Changing color of the console

hello app.JPG


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