HTML Forms


contact form.JPG/*<form action=”” method=”” name=”frmAdmission”>
<fieldset><legend><strong>Personal Details</strong></legend><label for=”FName”>First Name</label>
<input id=”fname” name=”fName” type=”text” />

<label for=”LName”>Last Name</label>
<input id=”Lname” name=”LName” type=”text” />

<label for=”Email”>Your Email</label>
<input id=”email” name=”Email” type=”email” />

<label for=”Dbirth”>Date of birth</label>
<input id=”Dbirth” name=”Dbirth” type=”date” />

<label for=”gender”><strong>Gender</strong></label>

<input id=”rdgender” name=”rdgender” type=”radio” value=”male” />Male

<input id=”rdgender” name=”rdgender” type=”radio” value=”female” />Female
<h2>Select the Programmme your doing</h2>
<option selected=”selected”>Select Programme</option>
<option>Leisure and H</option>
<option>Transport and Logistics</option>
<label for=”hobbies”><strong>Hobbies</strong></label>

<input id=”chkhobbie” name=”chkhobbie” type=”checkbox” value=”Swimming” />Swimming

<input id=”chkhobbie” name=”chkhobbie” type=”checkbox” value=”Surfing” />Surfing

<input id=”chkhobbie” name=”chkhobbie” type=”checkbox” value=”Tweeting” />Tweeting

<input id=”chkhobbie” name=”chkhobbie” type=”checkbox” value=”Drinking” />Drinking
<h3>Enter other Details</h3>
<textarea cols=”28″ name=”txtinfo” rows=”10″></textarea>

<button name=”btnsubmit” type=”submit”>SUBMIT</button> <button name=”btnreset” type=”reset”>Reset</button></fieldset>

Add some css

form{background-color: yellow;
font-family: courier;}

button{font-family: arial

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