Are back-end developers more respected than front-end developers?

Alan Mellor, Over a decade as a web developer

Let’s see. I am a back end programmer.

Am I more respected by:

  • The front end devs. Not really. They respect my work, but their job is really hard these days. I respect theirs. I can’t do it as well.
  • The other back end devs. Not especially. We can all do similar things on our team. We’re all good developers, and respect each other as such.
  • The industry: Alan who?
  • My friends: Test driven what? has a dependency what’s-that? into the persisting what did you say?
  • Salary wise: No extra lifts there
  • My wife to her friends: ‘He does stuff with computers, and this thing called Java. No that’s not coffee. Well that’s what he says. He wanted to be a rock star guitarist, really”
  • The Project Manager: “Does it work yet?”
  • Past freelance clients: “HOW MUCH???”
  • The Cat: Ok. I’ve got properly silly now. I admit. (But: no)

So, it’s a bit of a cold comfort really!

I enjoy what I do. That’s the main thing.

 Generally yes, because of the whole “hardcore” and intellectual circlejerks and similar casual elitism that are popular in the tech world.

Back end is seen as harder and more hardcore, even if doing front end well is hard as hell and requires a lot of skill.

Rogthat Sinatra It depends on the location where you are working. In western countries, both front-end and back-end developers are of equal importance because they are being treated as specialists.

In Africa, back-end developers are respected more and paid several times more than front-end developers.

Reason: Most organisations in sought the skills of a Full Stack Web Developer, so in general, those who specialize in back-end can handle front-end work, while those who specialize in front-end usually cannot handle back-end work.

So, if you are Full Stack Developer living in Africa, you will showcase your back-end skills more than your front-end skills.


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