What do you think are the ‘7 wonders’ of the coding world?

Compilers : the technology behind is just mind blowing.

  1. The JVM : what it does always and what it allows you to do, blows my mind
  2. The C programing language : it’s like the fundamental glue and one of the greatest inspiration to many, many languages
  3. OCaml : not often recognize but still a powerful, pragmatic and interesting programming language, I’ve had the pleasure to see. IMHO, probably the best of both “worlds” (functional and object oriented)
  4. Haskell / GHC : what it does in term of type safety, type inference, compilation optimization and much more is mind blowing. A modern and beautifully crafted piece of software and a truly advanced language which takes into account a lot of the academic work, into consideration to provide real world solution. Not perfect but worth it.
  5. Unix / Linux : literally changed the world
  6. Cloud : Often mistaken for a commercial term… Just have a deep look at things like AWS and Azure to be reassured that it’s much more !

Honorable mention :

  • The Garbage Collector : works so much that many often forgets that it’s there …
  • Smalltalk : truly ahead of its time, back in the day
  • C++ : “with great power comes great responsability” :p
  • Rust : might actually kill C++ one day !
  • CPU / GPU : so much inovations has been found there !
  • Windows / OSX : yes, I mean it !
  • Virtual Machines

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