Is Java the reason that Android is slower than iOS?

First of all, we need to ask “if” before we ask “is”.

I’m no fan of Android, but it’s an evidence-free zone at the moment that iOS is faster than Android. We can all point at what we reckon, but what about evidence?

Google Pixel / Pixel XL Vs Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Benchmarks Comparison | Redmond Pie

This article shows iPhone 7 compared to Google Pixel, on multiple-core benchmarks, the iPhone is somewhat faster, on single-core benchmarks, the iPhone is over twice as fast.

That’s comparing a flagship iPhone to a flagship Android device, and on single core, the iPhone is more than twice as fast. If you’re experiencing iPhones as faster, that may be why.

And of course, most of us are not using flagship Android devices, we’re using cheaper devices, my Android phone was under $200 AUD, it runs OK, but it’s a bit sluggish sometimes. I looked around for benchmarks for it, but it’s hard to wade through all the crap of number of cores etc. vs. how fast it actually goes.

I don’t know which OS is faster, and without evidence to point either way, I’ll continue to not know.

If I did know which was faster, then it’s a matter of why it was faster, and without evidence, I’ll continue to not know.

Java is the chemtrails of computing, it’s pointed at as the cause for anything that ails you without a shred of evidence.


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