How can you create a website like 4chan by yourself?

I know I can. And if I can do it, you could do so too. But you will have quite a few things to learn. For starters, learn about HTML, CSS and JavaScript and learn about some practical front-end frameworks like knockout.js or bootstrap.

Next, you need something to store the user accounts and user input so you need to know about databases. MySQL, SQLite or SQL Server tend to be the top choices these days but there are plenty of alternatives. Pick one, become experienced with it and use it.

Third, you need to write some back-end code that would combine the front-end with the database into a fully operational site. Again, plenty of options here and considering that 4chan is written in PHP, that would be a good language to use. But Python, Ruby, node.js or ASP.NET are also valid options. Again, pick one.

Next, you will have to register a domain name, set up a server for hosting purposes, create a database server, preferably on a secondary system, set up a test environment so you won’t immediately break your official website and start coding!

When you’re done, find a way to get some revenue, like by adding AdWords to your site or have paid memberships, find plenty of users for your website and make sure you have plenty of storage for all the uploads that users will do. Also be prepared to handle DMCA requests in large quantities and other legal problems because users might upload some illegal content. Possibly even something highly illegal like childporn or severe violence and abuse. You will need moderators if your site becomes popular enough. And you might end up getting arrested if you don’t comply to any legal requests so make sure you know a few good lawyers.

Answer 2.


You would need to know

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Backend Language such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript
  5. SQL

The website can be created by one person.

The problem is scalability. Once it grows beyond a certain size you will need to introduce technologies that are harder to implement than the ones listed above.

Answer 3

Indeed you can craft such website all by yourself. But you will need to learn few languages first.

HTML – Structure of website, markup for all elements. Website skeleton.

CSS – It’s all about styling, such as colors, font sizes, alignment, and much more

Javascript is optional, it gives you live interaction that does not require page reload. So if you want to go for minimal, you can skip it at start, but note that all websites use JS at the end of the day.

Backend language of choice. These are languages that give your website functionalities, such as register, login, show, post, update, delete, etc…these languages help you to work with server and databases. Databases are tables with all data that your website uses (such as accounts, posts, etc…)

Currently popular backend languages are:

– PHP – it is most common language for small projects, it’s easy to use and works well with mySQL databases. (note that mySQL is database and SQL is language, no big deal)

– Ruby – this language is for general purposes, not only web, so I would recommend learning some basics of this language at learn the basics of the Ruby language in your browser.  and then learn its Framework  Ruby On Rails by reading this book: Ruby on Rails Tutorial (3rd Ed.)  (this book is a tutorial that will teach you almost everything you need to build such a website, it will teach you some CSS and HTML too, so it is my honest recommendation, and it is the best way to build what you want) Also note, when you use Ruby on Rails framework, you probably will not need to learn SQL because Ruby On Rails will do SQL stuff for you.

– There are more languages such as Java for JVM, C# for Microsoft servers, Python, Node.JS (which is a trend at the moment but I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner) and many more.

If you deicided not to use Ruby On Rails, you will need to know SQL for working with databases. You will use SQL within your backend apps too (if not using frameworks that do SQL for you), to create databases, to update them, to maintain them.


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