Why do some professionals switch from Macs to Windows-based computers?

Apple abandoned us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac. I have a Macbook pro that is going on 10 years old and it’s still the best laptop I own.

When it finally dies, I will be getting a PC laptop because Apple doesn’t seem to care whether they make a good development computer. Or a good editing computer. Or a computer that is good and useful for any number of things that professionals used to do on them.

I used to have a Mac Pro, damn I loved that cheese grater box. I bought it used and it had lower end processors that I was able to upgrade. I added a crapton of RAM. I upgraded the video chip.

Try doing any of that on one of the garbage can Mac Pros that they released. If you can even figure out how to get into it, the insides are so smashed together, it’s a royal pain in the ass to upgrade. That is, if the part is even replaceable.

And this leads me to the ever evolving series of MacBook Pros. My beloved. So sleek. So pretty. So useless now.

For starters, the biggest you can get currently is 15 inches.

What the actual fuck? Seriously Apple? If someone told you 15 inches was enough, they lied to you. That is ridiculously small by today’s standards. Anyone who does any development or editing isn’t going to like using that small of a screen. I don’t give a crap how many pixels you can shove into it. Crisp is only impressive if it’s also on a large display.

Next, we move onto ports and such. My old MacBook has several USB ports, an Ethernet port, a display port, an SD card reader, and a DVD rom drive. The new MacBook Pro has… 4 USB-C ports. I don’t even have a single thing that uses USB-C. None. So, Now I’d have to go and buy at least a few expensive adapters so that I don’t also have to replace my external HDD and my monitor, and EVERY OTHER FREAKING DEVICE I OWN! Seriously, this is a mind numbingly asshole thing to do. We get it, Apple, you like to be different. Different is sometimes stupid.

Now we can look at the specs. Not bad at all. But what, say, I want to upgrade. That 512 GB drive isn’t going to store all my stuff. I need a bigger drive.

Good luck. Apple, in all its brilliance, decided that sleek styling was more important than repairability. So now the main drive is part of the freaking motherboard. As in, you can’t just replace it. You have to replace the entire freaking motherboard. No. this is simply Apple being greedy and screwing over people. That 10 year old MacBook that I have is on its 3rd drive. No motherboard replacement necessary.

And all this, for the low low low price of starting at $2800. I could literally build two of the exact same computers for that cost.

Sorry Apple, but I’m not leaving you. You already left me.



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