Prank Your Friends on whatsApp

Today am teaching you an amazing prank for whatsapp

it will send messages simultaneously .

CAUTION: it might lead to reports like SPAM from your friends or piss them off


What you need

1.Your phone connected to whatsapp

2.A computer

3. A browser of your choice (i used Google chrome)

Step 1.

open your whatApp  on the phone

Step 2.

Open This link on your browser

and scan your whatsapp QR using your phone

Step 3.

i used a Javascript code for this

so you open your browser console CTRL+SHIFT+C

Step 4.

paste the code below

var count = 4000;//number of messages to send
var message = "Your whatsapp has been hacked";//your message
var i = 0;
var timer = setInterval(function() {
var evt = document.createEvent("TextEvent");
evt.initTextEvent("textInput", true, true, window, message + i, 0, "en-US");
document.querySelector(".input-container .input").focus();
document.querySelector(".input-container .input").dispatchEvent(evt);
i++;if (i == count)clearInterval(timer);
console.log(i + " messages sent");
var event = new MouseEvent('click', {'view': window,'bubbles': true,'cancelable': true});
document.querySelector('.compose-btn-send').dispatchEvent(event);}, 10);

The elements used on whatsapp website may change. the code element is as at 30/06/2017

View Video Tutorial


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