What is the best advice you can give to a junior programmer?

  1. Do not stress too much on programming syntax. You will forget most of it anyway.
  2. Learn how to code. Not how to code in a language.
  3. Master a good debugger. Think of it like solving a detective novel!
  4. Do not forget to unit test your code. Your code is always buggy.
  5. Do not think highly efficient code is always good. Sometimes, development cost outweighs it.
  6. You’ll always make mistakes. Be willing to accept it and learn from it.
  7. Start using an IDE and learn most of the shortcuts. Learning curve might be high. But once it becomes muscle memory, your productivity will be through the roof.
  8. Like Edison says, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. There are no shortcuts. Practice. Practice. Practice!
  9. Read code. Understand what it does. Because in a job, most of your time shall be spent on trying to understand code written by others.
  10. Don’t follow the crowd.
  11. Change is the only constant in this field. So don’t get too attached with your tools or languages.

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