These are Titles a web designer can hold.

Been doing a research about positions web designers hold in agencies or independently. I figured out these A Web designer can hold a large range of titles and job positions due to their experience in almost all fields of design. Web Designer Front End Developer UI Designer UX Designer UX Lead Interaction Designer Art Director … Continue reading These are Titles a web designer can hold.


What is node.js for?

Once upon a time the Internet was born. Among all the various protocols we could communicate with (e.g. email, file transfers, etc.), one protocol in particular rose to popularity: HTTP. HTTP is today known as "the Web". It was essentially people typing up information, sharing the information, and people consuming that information. Web "browsers" were … Continue reading What is node.js for?

Java script Examples

What can JavaScript do? JavaScript can change HTML content JavaScript can change HTML attributes JavaScript can change CSS style JavaScript can hide HTML elements JavaScript can show hidden HTML elements Examples explained Where to Insert JavaScript JavaScript in <head> JavaScript in <body> JavaScript in an external file JavaScript in an external url JavaScript in an … Continue reading Java script Examples